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  • June 10th, 2017
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Non-Profits Invited to Join


Non-Profits Invited to Join Pirate Rendezvous

For Immediate Release
from the Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous
for further information contact Greg Latimer at 207-380-9912 or

Area non-profits are invited to join the Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous to spread their message to the public and engage in fundraising for their efforts, at no cost to them. The only request in this “pirate parlay” is that these non-profits help out with a children’s activity during the Pirate Rendezvous on Saturday, June 24.

“We’re hoping not only to advance the efforts of these non-profits, but provide some fun activities for our little pirates,” said Greg Latimer, event coordinator for the Pirate Rendezvous. “We have plenty of activities and games for them to choose from, if they don’t have ideas already. We’re also ready to help them develop their ideas, and provide them with prizes, if need be.”

Pirate Games

A young buccaneer enjoys a pirate game at a past Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous. (photo courtesy of

Participating non-profits must provide two card tables, one for displaying their information and the other for the children’s activity. The non-profits will be allowed to sell goods associated with their efforts. The sales from these goods must benefit the non-profit. It is suggested that the non-profits may also want to provide folding chairs for their volunteers.

The invitation is part of a larger effort with the newly re-developed Pirate Rendezvous to benefit as many local non-profits as possible. Proceeds from the Pirate Rendezvous are already slated to benefit the Ecumenical Food Pantry in Newcastle, Blessings in a Backpack in Jefferson, and Feed Our Scholars in Wiscasset. (Blessings in a Backpack and Feed Our Scholars are both programs that provide weekend meals and other sustenance to school children.)

The Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous will bring a motley crew of buccaneers, both young and old, to invade the Twin Villages and raise funds for local non-profits.

“Children have always been a part of this event, which is one of the reasons we selected the two school programs,” said Charlie Herrick of Schooner Landing, the event host. “We’ve always liked the idea that the children participating in the Pirate Rendezvous are also benefiting other children through the funds raised for these non-profits.”

The Pirate Rendezvous will have a focus on activities at the Pirate Bazaar located at Schooner Landing, including music, pirate re-enactments, pirate history exhibits, non-profit fundraising as well as food and beverage service.

There will also be plenty of action and activities for little buccaneers, including the pirate invasion, when the Mystic Pirates O’ the Damariscotta arrive in an armed sailboat.

The Pirate Bazaar will open at 10 a.m., with pirates attacking at high noon and invading the village with their numbers bolstered by young pirates who will join the crew. There will be a Kid Pirates Costume Contest at 2 p.m. at the Bazaar. Schooner Landing will provide musical entertainment through the day, and the pirates will create their “Tortuga Village” with exhibits, games and other activities. Activities will continue at the Pirate Bazaar until 4 p.m.

Pirates of the Dark Rose professional re-enactment group will bring sword fighting, black powder weapons, artillery, and the armed topsail yawl SV Must Roos to the event.

The Pirate Rendezvous is sponsored by Renys, DB&T, Colby & Gale, the Cheney Companies, and Ames Supply. More sponsors are expected to join the effort.

For further information on the Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous, including non-profit and sponsorship opportunities, contact Greg Latimer at 207-380-9912 or

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