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  • February 6th, 2014
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Pirate Rendezvous – June 21, 2014


Pirate Rendezvous Set for Saturday, June 21
in Damariscotta

June 21st, 2014
Pirate Rendezvous Damariscotta, Maine

For Immediate Release From the Pirate Rendezvous

From buccaneers to belly dancers, re-enactors from throughout the New England area will converge on Lincoln County Sat., June 21 to participate in the 7th annual Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous, a fundraiser for the Lincoln County Family Holiday Wishes food and gift drive and other charities.

“This is an amazing effort on the part of people who pay their own expenses for travel, lodging, and of course, their costumes and equipment; to come here and help raise money for local families in need,” said Greg Latimer, Director of the Pirate Rendezvous.

Part of the proceeds from the Pirate Rendezvous will go to Lincoln County Family Holiday Wishes, which benefited over 500 children in 2013 with Christmas dinners and gifts. Many area residents are familiar with Family Holiday Wishes through the pink and blue Wish Tags they distribute each year, with each tag representing the hopeful wish of a local child in need.

Hundreds of children participate in the Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous, scheduled for Sat., June 21 in Damariscotta, helping to take over the town and find the hidden treasure. This group is part of the Pirate Kids Costume Contest. (photo by Ellie Busby)

The 2013 Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous raised over $4000 to benefit Lincoln County Family Holiday Wishes. Other charitable efforts will also be benefited by the event in a variety of ways. In 2013 the Great Salt Bay Community School Field Hockey Team and Boy Scout Troop 213 benefited from their participation in the Kid’s Pirate Camp. “We’re looking at ways to expand this and other opportunities,” Latimer said.

The core of the event is provided by costumed re-enactors. “Many of our re-enactors come from Maine, but many others come from as far away as Massachusetts and Connecticut,” Latimer said. “These folks often stay for the entire weekend, or longer, and I’m hoping that
their presence is beneficial to local businesses.”

In turn, local businesses and other organizations lend their support to Pirate Rendezvous re-enactors, and through that, to the charities
benefited by the event.

Contributing Sponsors assist the event by off setting certain expenses so that more of the money generated during the event can go to assist the charitable efforts. In 2013 these sponsors included Renys, Ames Supply, Damariscotta Bank & Trust, Cheney Insurance, Newcastle Square Realty, Lincoln County Healthcare and Colby and Gale.

In-town Participating Sponsors offer discounts for food and retail items during and after the event. Lodging is provided at a savings
for re-enactors by Pemaquid Lake Campground.

The S/V Must Roos is the flagship of the Dark Rose Pirates, and one of the attacking vessels during the Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous, scheduled for Sat., June 21 in Damariscotta. The vessel is a 57-foot topsail yawl armed with four deck guns. (photo courtesy of Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous)

Additional support is provided by members of the Damariscotta Baptist Church, who host a Buccaneer Feast the night before and a Pirate Pancake Breakfast the morning of the Pirate Rendezvous. (Both of these events are also open to the public.)

While many of the re-enactors participate as individuals, a large portion arrive as members of groups. This year the pirate re-enactor
groups include the Primrose Pirates based in New Hampshire; the Brethren of the Coast based in New England; as well as the Ancient Ones, the Kennebec Rovers and the Dark Rose Pirates, based in Maine.

All of these groups and individuals will form up into attackers and defenders when the pirate assault begins at high noon on Sat., June
21. Eventually, everyone will become a member of the Mystic Pirates o’ the Damariscotta — including hundreds of costumed children, who
will all seek the treasure hidden somewhere in Damariscotta.

A Pirate Bazaar located at the riverside Schooner Landing Restaurant & Marina will feature themed retail stands and daylong music and
entertainment. Children will be able to enjoy a variety of games at the Kid’s Pirate Camp on Water Street. Both of these venues open at
10 a.m.

Businesses and restaurants throughout in-town Damariscotta and Newcastle will also be in on the fun, with pirate themed specials and décor.

The Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with pirates attacking at high noon on Sat., June 21. There is no
charge for admission.

For more information on the Pirate Rendezvous, and great photos from past invasions, check or contact Greg Latimer (the pirate “Scribe”) at 207-380-9912 or